l hotel du Canal Saint Martin Paris


Our furniture

We have obsessions (many and varied).
Perfection and functionality is our objective.
Wood, ceramic, metal, sensual fabrics, sophisticated materials, predominant and inseparable from the clean and precise lines.
The attention paid to detail gives way to a liberating style and a unique atmosphere.


Your interiors

Design has the power to give a voice to things which are silent.
So let’s design elements that occupy a harmonious existence among one another and among those for whom they are created.
Let’s compose spaces that respect the key aspects of life: respiration, sensation, cooperation, reflection, meditation and the quest for an alternative energy.
Let’s make it possible for the beauty of our creations to come to life.
Restraint is essential end sensuality permitted.

Our workshop

Generating a mood is our trademark.
Our expertise is forgotten, momentarily, allowing the dialogue to take the project from design to production.
The solutions that arise reflect the personal style of our clients: perspective, structure, shades of color, balance between lines and materials, all the way down to the texture of each fabric used. No decision is made without proper consideration.
Only after having explored all possible options do we translate dreams into reality.
The final result is a culmination of shared efforts.

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