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Getting the museum pass and the transportation in Paris


A comprehensive TripAdvisor forum suggests that the best way to go around Paris as a visitor is to get the Paris Museum pass and the transport pass separately. These two combined give you access to most of the museums (allowing you to cut the line and get straight in) and get you around in transports without worrying. It is the best deal for a non resident.


Getting the Paris Museum Pass is quite simple. You can get it at the vistors center in the Airports (Orly and CDG) and the main train stations (gare de l’Est, gare du Nord and gare de Lyon).

You can also get them in the main museums amongst them the Musee des arts et metiers that is walking distance from the hotel. You can see the price for yourself below.


For any further information on the pass please click on the following link http://www.parismuseumpass.com/ You have a language selection on the top of the page.


If you want to see precisely where to purchase the tickets click on the following link



Once you have your museum pass, all you need is a transportation ticket. You can choose between :

-          Getting a “carnet” of tickets (a pack of 10 tickets) costs 13.30 euros. You save 37 cents per ticket as the unitary ticket costs 1.70 euros (in 2013).

-          Getting a daily ticket costs 10.55 euros for an adult and 5.25 for a child. The price goes down if you get it for more than one day.


You can get the tickets in most metro stations at the automatic machines. They take credit card and cash and have language selection to make your purchase as simple as possible.


The first day we recommend you get a “carnet” so you get an idea of how much you are going to use the metro and if you feel comfortable with it. If you will be using it a lot then you should consider the daily pass.


We would recommend you to look for further information on the website of the RATP (the Parisian transport company) but they only translated the title of the fields in English… 


If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at the following email contact@lecitizenhotel.com  and we will do our best to answer as clearly as possible.

Paris Pass Museum & Transports in Paris
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