Now that these guys (above) are out of the picture, they made space for the newcomers and their strong will to share creative delicious and affordable fast food. The trend grows everyday and we’re lucky that it grows in our neighbourhood too. Depending on what your appetite might dictate, you might be more tempted by some great tacos, some easy Italian dishes, some Japanese food, or some juicy burgers… Here below you’ll find a few suggestions of what might be a quick fix for your hunger.


El Nopal

Super small place, but as small as it is delicious! It can barely seat 2 people. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover because what you’ll find inside is pure happiness. You have the same kind of menu you can find in any tacos place in Mexico, and you’ll see that all the ingredients are fresh, and all is cooked with love. Have fun with the salsa’s, they are quite “picante”!

3 Rue Eugène Varlin – 75010 Paris

07 86 39 63 46


Camion qui fume

The myth of the smoking truck is now known by all Parisians and this is why it is somewhat of a quest tasting one of their fabulous burgers. The owner of the Camion qui fume is an American woman and she has managed to resurrect burgers in a gourmet way, and has got all of Paris craving them. To know where the truck will be serving next, you must look it up on their website.


Le Réfectoire

Yet another food truck in Paris that makes wonders. Once they saw what chef Kristin (Camion qui fume) did, they seized the opportunity to sell their own kind of gourmet burgers. Both trucks serve delicious burgers, but Réfectoire has a more French touch to theirs. Same here, if you want to know where they are serving, check their website out.




An organic fair trade fast food restaurant that makes big, very big burritos. Born in the mid 90’s in Denver Colorado and now in Paris!! Their Parisian restaurant is located right next to a McDonald’s in a way that you might think they are the same place. But they have nothing in common; Chipotle is what fast food should be like nowadays. Perfect if you’re looking for a snack and you’re around Opera or the Grand Boulevards. Don’t overdo it, one burrito is enough J

20 Boulevard Montmartre – 75009 Paris

01 45 23 12 54





Kyobashi is a small Japanese restaurant that goes completely unnoticed as you pass in front of it because it looks like any other Japanese restaurant in Paris. The dish we love there is their Bento, very refined and tasty. They serve other dishes than your classic sushi place and those are the dishes we also recommend! Don’t walk in the other two Japanese restaurants that surround it or you’ll be disappointed.


117 Rue Saint-Maur -75011 Paris

01 53 36 73 34




Another Japanese place that serves some exquisite bentos here in Paris. Nanashi is a classy canteen in the Marais that has become quite popular. It’ll be a bit more expensive than all the above, but definitely worth it. There are two of them close by too J

57 rue Charlot – 75003 Paris

09 60 00 25 59

31 rue de Paradis – 75010 Paris

01 40 22 05 55


Lo Zio


A basket with vegetables and some classic Italian products in the window shop get your attention. As you walk in you’ll find these traditionally dressed young men preparing grilled Piadina on the order. Very affordable, quite filling, the Piadina is a highly recommended Italian fast food, and you can get it not far from the hotel!


40 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière – 75010 Paris

01 45 23 36 04


Pink Flamingo


When we say “Italian fast food”, the first thing that comes to mind is Pizza of course.  And Pink Flamingo has managed to differentiate itself not only with original toppings, but with a killer concept. What you do is, you go order a pizza right behind the hotel Citizen, tie the pink or green balloon they hand you to your wrist, and you go sit along the canal saint martin and wait for them to deliver you your pizza…Yes, very smart idea, and very good pizza!

67 Rue Bichat – 75010

01 42 02 31 70

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