All the products in the minibar are now included in the price of the room. We offer you a limited selection of high quality products, if you wish to have something that is not provided, please do not hesitate to contact the reception.



Granny Secret's Juices:

These juices have no coloring, no added sugar or preservatives and are delicious!


Lorina Lemonade :

Depending on your taste and desires, you have a rainbow of fruit sensations to be enjoyed at all moments and without moderation.

Coca Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero :

The classic American soda, refreshing and calorie-free!


La Morgat Beer :

Situated on the savage coast, in the west of France, La Morgat brewery makes this tasty, amber beer.  Brewed the traditional way, La Morgat Amber is an ale brewed from three carefully selected barley malts and hops.


Loirette Beer :

This light blonde beer is brewed in the vallée du Cher in the south and is a dry and refreshing drink with a slight sparkle.


Taste of Nature Bars :

This healthy and nutritious snack is very tasty and is organic, vegan, kasher, gluten-free and without added preservatives or coloring.


Tyrrell's Chips :

 These English chips are very crunchy with a subtle hint of sea salt.


'Palais des Thés' Tea :

 A varied selection of teas from this renown French brand.


Nescafé Coffee :

 A duo of coffee and decaffeinated coffee for all of your needs at any moment of the day.



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